August and September are Historically Busy Months for Hurricanes

The hurricane peak season generally occurs in between the 17th August to the 2nd September. The entire hurricane peak season lasts for 17 days. It is a short period that makes up of the Atlantic hurricane season that starts from the 1st June to 30th November. Most of the hurricane storms that are classified in category 1 and category 2 occur in the peak period. You can also expect of a lot of more dangerous hurricane storms that are classified in the category 3, 4 and 5 to occur in this period.

The severity of the hurricane storm is based on the atmospheric pressure that predicted in the weather forecast station. Low atmospheric pressure means that the hurricane storm will be intense while high atmospheric pressure means that the hurricane storm will be weaker and not serious. The lower the atmospheric pressure, the more damages the hurricane storms will bring.

The most powerful hurricane storms tend to ramp up during this period that starts from the middle of August. At the end of the period in early September, the strong wind from the hurricane will be diverted to the Gulf of Mexico and Southeast Coast. However, its strong wind will be disrupted with wind shear factors. The reason why there are so many storms in this period are influenced by both the dynamic and thermodynamic factors.

Wind shear which is responsible for tearing apart the strong wind gradually weaken in June after being the strongest in May. The wind shear plays an important role in tearing the tropical wind so that they cannot become intense and develop into a hurricane. The wind shear will become the weakest in August. The hurricane season reach the peak with the wind shear reaching the minimum in the deep summer coupled with the dynamic and thermodynamic factors.

The wind shear will increase starting from the middle of October as the winter approach. The wind shear along with the warm temperature in the and the warm temperature on the sea surface have contributed to the development of the tropical wave to be formed over the Atlantic ocean. All these factors makes a suitable environment for the development of the hurricane storm.

The most important thing is that you must always be alert and prepared when nearing the peak hurricane season. If you are unprepared, you will be more likely to be affected by the storm. A single powerful storm can destroy your home and ruin the year for you if you did not prepare it against the hurricane storm. To protect you family from emergency flood risks, you can come up with a family emergency plan. You should always plan for another safe location which is far from your home.